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The impulses of creative passion have deeply carved the lifeline of Heather Post Domke. From childhood imaginings, in a two room home, to the quiet farm and studio near Delhi Ontario where she now resides she has evolved. Life education began in the ethics and integrity of hard work that carried her through the good and the bad along the way. Creations in a plethora of mediums: furniture, clocks in exotic woods, floor cloths, batiks, watercolour, illustrations of pen and ink, and creative advertising and promotion for family and friends and in corporate venues far beyond, mark her path. Travelling the unconventional road, living the unorthodox journey, she has arrived where she planned to begin, so long ago.

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Defying the strict rules of no females in technical classes in highschool in the sixties, she took drafting; enduring the male snide rude childishness of the age. She was the first female to break that barrier in Norfolk County. It set the tone for good or ill, for the journey that followed. When funding disappeared for her instruction at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, rather than leave Toronto she took jobs as closely associated to art and design as possible; but the detour had begun. Many years, experiences, life lessons and skill achievements crossed her path before arriving where she has. She now divides her time between creating mixed media visual statements of life and beliefs, and the joy of gardening.

Heather can now be found mapping life memories and memorabilia into mixed media/collage creations; wrapt in unique and intricate webs of design. She invites you to step into her world to view or to create, as her workshops in various media open doors for your own creative desires. By appointment ( or chance, if the sign is at the road the studio is open, you’re welcome into her world. A world bursting with possibility

Art like wine matures with time. All life’s experiences imbue them with notes of flavour and bouquet, creating something unique and refined. Those who would be rich in life experience, can find in art the wonder of creativity so often left behind; and some will be inspired to let the child within, learn to play ... once again. Come be inspired at Hidden Creek Studios, 623 Windham Road 11, Delhi On, N4B 2W5.

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